Towie’s Dan Edgar ‘cheats’ on Chloe Sims just weeks into their new romance – leaving her furious


TOWIE’s Dan Edgar has confirmed Chloe Sims’ worse fears by seeing other girls while they were sleeping together.

The Essex ladies’ man has been accused of getting with another woman behind Chloe’s back despite the couple fighting to get their new romance off the ground.

Dan Edgar has confirmed Chloe Sims’ worse fears by seeing other girls while they were sleeping together

Chloe struggled to hold back her anger after pal Olivia Attwood told her Dan had been with someone else – telling the rest of the cast to “f*** off” in an expletive rant.

A TV source told The Sun: “Chloe is absolutely mortified – she feels as though everyone wants to tell her ‘I told you so.’

“She was warned not to go near Dan but her feelings for him were too strong to ignore.

“Olivia filmed scenes for the show last Thursday and told Chloe Dan had got with another girl on the weekend.

The new pair had been spending time at each other’s homes and sleeping together before Dan allegedly got with another woman
Chloe told the rest of the Towie cast filming for the Easter special to ‘f*** off’ after discovering the news
Dan told Chloe he regretted not taking her on a date after getting cold feet over their new romance


“Chloe was understandably furious, especially as Dan said he regretted not taking her on a date to move their new romance forward.”

Clelia Theodorou discussed “rumours” she heard about Dan with close pal Olivia during filming of her first scenes for the ITVBe series.

Olivia said: “I’m obviously going to tell Chloe what you’ve told me” in unaired scenes.

In response to Olivia Chloe raged: “Everyone in the whole garden – you can all hear me. I hope you’re all happy so f*** off.”

Olivia Attwood tells Chloe Dan has been unfaithful in scenes from the Easter special
Reality star Dan took a step back from his romance with Chloe on the latest episode of Towie
Amber Turner hinted there was more going on behind-the-scenes in a telling tweet on Sunday

Chloe’s reaction comes after James Diags – and the majority of the Towie cast warned her against dating Dan.

Diags sobbed in Thailand over Chloe’s fallout with cousin Joey Essex, who also disagrees with the pair hooking up.

Dan’s ex-girlfriend Amber Turner, who he admits to still being in touch with, hinted on Twitter last night there was more going on behind-the-scenes, saying: “Ohh if only people actually knew the truth.”


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