Towie fans thrilled as Olivia Attwood makes her debut and comforts Chloe Sims over ‘cretin’ Dan Edgar


TOWIE fans were delighted tonight as Olivia Attwood made her debut on the series and instantly dissed Dan Edgar, calling him a “little cretin” over his treatment of pal Chloe Sims.

The Love Island star looked stunning in a pink organza dress, which she teamed with a muted orange leather jacket over her shoulders.

Fans were thrilled to see Olivia back on their screens

Making a beeline for Celebs Go Dating pal, Olivia made it clear about what she thought of Dan Edgar and fans loved her straight-talking attitude.

One wrote: “I’m so glad Olivia is back on our screens”

While another added: “I literally just want to fast forward to @oliviajade_att turning up!”

And one tweeted: “I can’t wait to see @oliviajade_att on #TOWIE next week! Please become a regular!!!”

Olivia was a welcome update to the show
Chloe told her friend she wasn’t having the best time at the moment

After hearing all the drama Olivia bluntly told Chloe: “In a couple of weeks, you won’t look at him with rose-tinted glasses anymore.

“You won’t be like ‘my perfect Dan’, it’ll be like actually, like this little cretin.”

Fans were thrilled with her no frills comments.

One viewer tweeted: “Little cretin” followed by a series of crying laughing face emojis

While another added: “#TOWIE LOL she called dan edgar a little cretin”

The two reality stars caught up at the garden party
Olivia revealed she knew how Chloe felt

The Love Island star admitted she knew exactly how Chloe was feeling because she’d been in a really “similar situation” before revealing she’d had to “remove” herself from the relationship.

During the entire episode the only topic of discussion seemed to be Chloe’s doomed relationship with Dan Edgar, and the mum-of-one decided to address the subject head on.

“Everyone in the whole garden if you could all hear me, if you’re all listening, just so you know, I walked away from Dan.

“So you can all stop gossiping, I know he was talking to his ex, I know he apparently kissed somebody. I already know.

Shelby and Clelia told Olivia they’d heard some stuff about Dan
Olivia went over to tell Chloe some gossip she’d heard

“So when you’re all finished in your little groups, all the people that helped with the manipulating, know that I walked away.

“I don’t care and I’m trying to get on with my life.

“So you can f*** off””

While some of the attendees at the Easter party looked shocked, most of her friends clapped and cheered for Chloe. But fans weren’t impressed.

Chloe Sims addressed the garden party with a message about her love life
Chloe told the party she had walked away from Dan and everyone could “f*** off”

One wrote: “That was a bit muggy @Chloe_Sims ! You’d be the 1st to air your opinion! & people weren’t gossiping , they are telling the truth and trying to help you, don’t take it out on everyone else, not their fault dans a dog #TOWIE”

And another added: “Chloe Sims literally believes her own hype… Like she hasn’t spent every other season gossiping about other people’s lives & chasing men that weren’t interested 😂 #TOWIE”

One chimed in with: “Lolz nobody’s allowed to ‘gossip’ about chloe and dan yet she’s allowed to have an opinion on everybody else’s relationship since she started the show”

Another admitted: “Feel like I’m literally watching Chloe Sims have a breakdown on tele”


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