Tory MP gets apology from Chip Whip after former Army comrades urged to spill their ‘dirt’ on him


A TORY MP has received an apology from the Government’s chief whip after it was alleged they asked his ex-army colleagues for dirt on him.

Johnny Mercer said he’d had three people he know get tapped up for information about him – and was told to “watch your back” by a pal.

Johnny Mercer
MP Johnny Mercer has received an apology from the whips for allegedly trying to get information about him
PA:Press Association

The rising star tweeted some words from the mate which said: “By the way, the whips office was trying to tap me up for dirt on you.

“Obviously I have none anyway, but I told him to f**k off regardless. I guess maybe watch your back a little bit.”

It was alleged the move came from deputy Chief Whip, Chris Pincher.

Today the Daily Mail reported that he’d got a “full and unreserved apology” from the Chief Whip.

Ex-army officer Mr Mercer said: “Contrast the values and ethos of that institution vs Parliament, and you’ll start to find answers of how we got the UK politically into such a mess. Values, integrity, ethos – never been more important, or more scarce.”

And he demanded an apology from the whips office, which he’s now got.

Something similar happened to fellow Tory colleague Tom Tugenhat too, he claimed.

“I’m hearing from mates that someone is looking for dirt on me,” he tweeted.

“They should just have the integrity to ask me direct.”

Both are considered rising stars in the Tory party and could run to replace Theresa May.

She’s said she will stand down when she gets her Brexit deal through, but has not yet revealed a date for her departure.


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