Toilet signs about people using the ‘wrong’ bathroom spark transgender row


TOILET signs about people using the “wrong bathroom” have sparked a transgender row.

The posters encourage people not to challenge anyone they see in the bathroom with them who they think doesn’t belong there.

They said “do you feel like someone is using the ‘wrong’ bathroom?” before a list of ‘dos and don’ts’ outlines what to do if that is the case.

But some campaigners said they were concerned the posters at the University of West England would mean women were vulnerable to men going into ladies loos.

However UWE has said the goal is simply to defend the rights of transgender women.

The signs said: “They are using facilities they feel safe in.

“Please do not take this right away from them.

“Trans and gender questioning students – You have every right to be here: in this facility, in this university, in this world.”

Journalist and campaigner for women’s rights Josephine Bartosch told the BBC: “In essence, UWE are saying that the feelings and fears of women matter less than those who identify as transgender.

“As the recent no-platforming of Angelos Sofocieous shows, dissent on gender identity is not tolerated by an aggressive mob of militant students.

“This is not an anti-trans message, it’s a pro-women one.”

But others were supportive of the posters, with one person tweeting: “Saw this poster in the toilets at the arnolfini – go UWE.”

The posters have been up for a year outside unisex toilets at the university.

The university clarified it’s stance by tweeting yesterday: “Posters will be appearing in toilets across UWE Campuses to ensure that Trans Students at UWE, feel Welcome and Safe when using UWE facilities.

“#ShowYourTrueColours as an ally and show that everyone’s gender identity and expression are valid.”


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