Tinder fueling rise in 30somethings unwanted pregnancies, says minister


Dating apps such as Tinder are fueling a rise in unplanned pregnancies among women in their 30s, a health minister has said.

Jackie Doyle-Price told a conference that technology-enabled modern dating means women start “playing the field again” far sooner after a relationship ends, meaning they manage contraception less effectively.

The minister said this partly explained the fact that the growth in unplanned pregnancies is no longer among teenagers, but women in their 30s.

Her comments follow figures showing the rate of abortions among women over 30 have increased by more than 20 per cent over the past decade.

“We’re laughing and talk about the Tinder generation now, but what tends to happen is you have women leaving one relationship and then playing the field again, entering the market again,” she told a conference of the All Party Parliamentary Group on women’s health.

“That’s actually when unplanned pregnancy tends to happen.

“There’s an education point there which is please continue to look after your fertility.”

Government figures show there were 7,929 legal abortions for under 18s in 2017, and 59,956 among women aged 30 to 39.

The data indicates a rapid decline in teenage abortions over the last 10 years.


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