Thousands join NHS anniversary clap as Boris applauds nurses and doctors at No10


    In celebration of the NHS and their tireless work during the coronavirus crisis households across the country clapped in appreciation. The NHS’ 72nd anniversary has stood out from others due to the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid tribute to NHS workers earlier today for facing the health crisis head-on in the most challenging year in the services’ history.

    On the doorstep of No 10, Boris Johnson stepped out with girlfriend Carrie Symonds to applaud the NHS. 

    Footage showed nurses and citizens across the UK stepping outside their homes to thank the health service.

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Labour leader Keir Starmer were shown clapping at 5 o clock also. 

    In a video posted to his Twitter earlier today, Mr Johnson emphasised the importance of the NHS and the dedication its staff had shown during the pandemic. 

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    He said: “Seventy-one times before our National Health Service has marked the anniversary of its founding but never in circumstances quite like this.

    “Because this year, we’ve seen not only the greatest challenge the NHS has ever faced but also an unprecedented outpouring of affection and support for that institution.”

    “Week after week, millions, tens of millions, have taken to their doorsteps, lined the streets, lent precariously out of rainbow-bedecked windows to clap their hands, bang their saucepans and show their appreciation for the NHS.

    “And that’s because those three letters don’t just stand for National Health Service, they stand for an idea. For a set of values at the heart of our national identity.

    “For the belief, still held almost universally after nearly three-quarters of a century: that the health service of this country should be available to all.

    “That everyone should contribute to the cost and that no one should be denied the treatment or attention they require because they can’t afford it.”

    More to follow…


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