This Morning Host Gok Wan Gets Rylan Clark-neal’s Name Wrong In Embarrassing Blunder Seconds Into Presenting First Show Together


THIS Morning host Gok Wan got Rylan Clark-Neal’s name wrong in an embarrassing blunder just seconds into today’s show.

As the programme’s theme tune ended, Rylan said: “Welcome to your mid-week edition of This Morning with the one and only Gok Wan.”

ITV Gok Wan got Rylan Clark-Neal’s name wrong in the first few seconds of today’s This Morning

Gok replied: “And the one and only Ryan Clark-Neal.”

Rylan turned and said: “Who?” and Gok looked shocked, asking: “What did I say? Did I call you Ryan already? It’s Ryan from the tele can you believe it?”

Jokingly holding his temples, Rylan said: “You do this all the time.

“They said Gok really wants to do the show with you, I said ‘I’d love to do the show with Gok’.

ITV Rylan mocked Gok for getting it wrong

ITV Gok laughed as he realised he’d said Ryan not Rylan

“We were 10 seconds in…”

Gok replied with a laugh: “They were lying to you, I never wanted to, I thought Holly was going to be here, that’s why I was here.”

But he got his co-star back onside, saying: “I’m so excited to do this with you.

“We’re definitely raising the camp factor on This Morning today.”

ITV The pair had a good giggle hosting their first show together

ITV Gok also got his words mixed up later in the show and had everyone in stitches

It wasn’t the only banter the pair had during the show, as they had viewers in stitches as they kept giggling, especially when Gok got tongue-tied.

Introducing a VT of chef John Torode, Gok said: “Chef John Torode is in the beautiful Lake District cocking up a tasty treat…”

As Rylan laughed, he asked: “What’s he cocking up?”

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