This £50 Mango Bag, Loved By The Likes Of Olivia Palermo, Is Selling For Almost Double On Ebay


FOUR months ago, style queen Olivia Palermo was spotted in Paris wearing a chic bamboo bag.

And while at first glance, it might have looked like a designer style worth hundreds of pounds, it was actually the work of Mango – and worth less than £50.

Instagram Style queen Olivia Palermo was spotted with the bag in Paris

Fast forward to the summer and the bag is naturally, sold out.

But, its influence lives on and it’s now selling for almost double on eBay.

We can see why. The circular bamboo style is the perfect size, ideal for summer and it features two straps – one short and one adjustable.

It’s also all over social media, with the likes of Croatian WAG Adriana Đurđević and other Instagram influencers being huge fans.

There are currently four listings on eBay, from sellers all over the world.

One listing from Poland is currently offering a buy it now price of almost £80.

EBay This listing is from Poland, with a buy it now price of almost £80

EBay There are a number of sellers currently posting the bag from all over the world, including the States

It’s one of many high street styles that have flown off the shelves this year.

Topshop’s infamous polka dot dress sold out within weeks – and at one point – was being flogged for four times its retail price on eBay.

We have been treated to some incredible affordable fashion this year – keep up the good work Mango.

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