Think your school lunch was bad… spare a thought for these kids in China forced to eat rotting meat and horrific-looking bread


ONE of China’s most prestigious secondary schools has been forced to apologise after horrified parents discovered it had been serving their children rotting food for lunch.

Piles of mouldy bread, rotting meat and “stinky” seafood were found in buckets and on the floor of the canteen at Chengdu No 7 Experimental High School.

Parents photographed piles of rotting meat and what appears to be expired seafood
The ‘stinky and disgusting’ grub was strewn across the floor and kept in open unrefrigerated boxes
Mouldy bread was among the food found in the kitchen

Stomach churning photos taken by parents during a visit show the expired ingredients left out in the open, with parents comparing the food to “zombie meat” and pig slop.

The school, which charges 39,000 yuan (£4,380) a year and has been named among China’s “Top 10 outstanding private schools, has now apologised saying it is deeply “embarrassed” by the scandal.

One dad linked the disgusting discovery to an incident last November where numerous children suffered stomach-aches, constipation and other ailments.

The father, who has daughter and a son enrolled at the school, told the BBC: “The items looked like they had been in a freezer for years, [it looked] like zombie meat.

The items looked like they had been in a freezer for years, [it looked] like zombie meat.

Furious father

“I smelled the pork, it was stinky. [There was] ginger, which looked disgusting too.”

“We don’t even let kids have leftover food at home… I spent tens of thousands of dollars and my kids are having pigwash there,” he said.

“I dare not tell my younger son… I’m worried he might not dare to eat canteen food after that.

“My daughter has been telling me she has a stomach-ache. I [told] her she might have just over exercised.

“It breaks my heart.”


Hundreds of parents stormed the school in protest after pictures of the gross grub were uploaded on Chinese social media.

According to the dad the school immediately tried to transport the mouldy food away in two trucks.

A swarm of angry parents intercepted one of the trucks during a protest which was violently suppressed by Chinese riot police, according to reports.

Videos of the protest show parents clutching their eyes after allegedly being peppers sprayed by cops.

Another clip shows an officer slamming a man against the ground.

Chengdu police later issued a statement saying 12 people had been arrested for “severely disrupting” traffic and insulting police.

They were released the same day.

Finally the school apologised and vowed to stop taking food from its current supplier, which also caters to over 100,000 students from across 20 schools according to the dad.

Wenjiang district government issued a statement yesterday saying eight people responsible for food safety at the school were being investigated by authorities.

It added that 36 students from the school had been admitted into the local hospital for a check-up. All were later discharged.

Local authorities also vowed to conduct a “comprehensive and in-depth investigation” and send off the raw food for testing.

Hundreds of angry parents took to the streets outside the school in protest
Police used force against the group after they intercepted a truck containing the rotting meat
Video posted on social media shows parents covering their faces after reportedly being pepper sprayed
Chestnuts were spotted scattered on the floor
Mouldy meat was found piled up in the canteen
A parent stands next to a ‘zombie meat’ found during a visit
Another snap shows the grim conditions inside the school’s kitchen
A ‘comprehensive’ investigation has been launched as the scandal unfolded

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