These Friends Filled Their Lockdown Days by Making Their Own Reality Show

Beck: In between the challenges and the tribal councils, what was the vibe? Was the game always ongoing? Were there alliances being forged? Was there distrust between friends of different tribes?

Spencer: It was an all-day game. I was thinking about it almost an obsessive amount. One night Claire and I stayed up until 1 in the morning making a spreadsheet trying to map out the rest of the game and scheme our way into the final three.

Ellis: On the other tribe, we had a lot of group chats and subgroup chats. I usually keep my phone away from me, but I had to have it on me all day, because what if something develops? I can’t miss out on the scheming.

Beck: And Will was having people film confessionals throughout this process?

Spencer: Oh, yeah. After every tribal council we had, I would go film a little video, saying what I thought about what was going on, what it meant for me going forward in the game. I was really getting into it, I was like, “All right, what’s up Survivor? It was a tough one out there today, but we really still got a shot.”

Ellis: I’d be outside trying to film these confessionals, and my family would be like, “Why are you out there talking to yourself?”

Claire: My family’s been watching the show every week, so I told them all about our game, and they were fairly invested. The night that I got voted out, my parents were messing with me and telling me that they thought that I was going to go. They were like, “Your friends aren’t contacting you; you’re probably going to get voted out.” I was like, “Mom! Dad! That’s so mean!” But they were correct.

Will: In the game of Survivor, you keep getting voted out until it’s the final three or final two. We did final three, and everyone who is voted out gets to join the jury. They watch the tribal councils and decide at the end who they want to win.

Beck: Were there any real-life tensions created by people being voted out?

Claire: I didn’t feel like there was any real-life tension. After I got voted out, the people who had voted me out texted me with reasoning. We’re all good friends. I enjoyed being on the jury. The jury group chat got really fun.

Ellis: I got voted out just before the final three, but it was coming, because I had backstabbed a lot of people at that point. It came down to our final immunity challenge. Will had us hold our hands above our heads while doing a wall sit. Going into the second hour, I just remember thinking, If I fall down, I’m going home. And then I fell. If I was a little stronger, if my foot hadn’t slipped, I would have stayed in the game, but it was all good fun.

Spencer: I put my all into that challenge; I couldn’t walk for 10 minutes after [the wall sit].

Beck: Tell me about the final tribal council.

Claire: That final immunity challenge was on a Monday, and we had an O-chem test that Wednesday. So Will called a break so we could study, and then final tribal was that Friday night. We had a whole week of building up to it.

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