Theresa May WILL pay billions of euros to the EU even if we leave without a deal


THERESA May WILL pay billions of euros to the European Union even if we leave without a deal, it’s been confirmed.

Despite the pleas of Brexiteers not to cough up the cash until the bloc give us a trade deal, it was revealed that ministers are already drawing up plans to pay the £39billion we’ve promised.

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Theresa May is preparing to send billions of pounds to Brussels even if we leave without a deal next month
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They were signed off on Monday at a meeting of the Brexit ‘No Deal’ preparedness committee, senior Whitehall sources told the Daily Telegraph.

And they will push it through using statutory instruments in the final days of Brexit talks, the paper reported.

Last month the EU warned they would force us to pay even if there wasn’t an agreement in place and we left with nothing on March 29.

That includes £6billion this year, and has to be paid up by the end of April.

The Commission said in a statement: “the UK would be expected to continue to honour all commitments made during EU membership” in a No Deal too.

Officials are worried that if we don’t pay it would risk our international sovereign debt ratings and international standing.

But David Davis and Dominic Raab, both ex-Brexit Secretaries, have said we shouldn’t need to pay the EU at all.

And just last month Brexit minister Kwarsi Kwarteng said the EU wouldn’t get a penny if a deal wasn’t sealed.

“If there is a no deal they won’t get a penny pinch from us,” he blasted.

Ministers are drawing up plans to send money to Brussels
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Brexiteers have argued we aren’t legally obliged to pay anything at all.

However, there would be a huge risk that the EU could take us to the European Court of Justice if we said no.

But the PM has repeatedly said the UK will pay the money it promised to the EU when we were a member.


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