Theresa May summons top team for five-hour Brexit meeting that could decide the fate of the Tory party


THERESA May is this morning summoning her top team for a FIVE hour long Brexit summit where the fate of the Tories could be sealed.

After last night’s votes failed to show her a way out of the mess, the PM will gather her Cabinet for a mammoth session where Brexit could finally be decided.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay arriving at Downing Street for what could be a mammoth Brexit Cabinet meeting
PA:Press Association

She’s under pressure from both sides of her team over which way to turn to get Britain out of the impasse.

The PM is expected to try for a fourth meaningful vote over her deal later this week – possibly being put up against a soft Brexit option to force Tories into backing her.

However, if that falls yet again then the way forward for her is unclear.

Remainer Cabinet ministers like David Gauke and Amber Rudd are likely to push her to go for a soft exit.

They could point out that during last night’s votes a customs union only lost by three – making it more likely to be able to command a majority.

Another Cabinet minister – a close ally of the PM’s – told The Sun: “We just need to get Brexit over the line now and worry about reshaping it later.”

But that option would likely split the Tories in two, as they say it won’t respect the result of the 2016 referendum and we’ll be tied to the EU and unable to strike out alone.

Others will argue the PM must now embrace a hard Brexit.

The Sun revealed today that the PM will face an onslaught from Brexiteers who are demanding she go back to the negotiating table and try again to change the hated Northern Irish backstop.

We just haven’t pushed them hard enough on this yet

Brexiteer cabinet minister who wants May to go back to the EU

One Brexiteer Cabinet minister told The Sun: “We have to go back to Brussels and ask the EU to improve the backstop next week.“All we can do now is take this to the wire. Every other course will be a disaster.

“The EU desperately want a deal. We just haven’t pushed them hard enough on this yet.”

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox and Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt are on resignation watch over the customs union fallback, after the Cabinet’s other Brexiteers were said to have begrudgingly accepted.

And the Cabinet could discuss the option of going back the the country for another poll.

A snap election could force a way out of the deadlock by getting the public to give their support for a Brexit outcome.

The risks with another poll could backfire on the PM and see her losing seats like she did in 2017.

Several reports say the PM and her team will be shown internal polling about how the party might do in another vote.

One other option being floated is for the PM to attach her deal to her Government and dare Tories to vote it down because it would pave the way to an election.

But again that would be a risky path, as some Brexiteer MPs have hinted they would vote her Government down in a crunch no confidence poll anyway.

Remainers including Amber Rudd could push the PM to change course and go for a softer Brexit – which only lost by a few votes
Top Tory Brandon Lewis will likely discuss with the team the option of an election
PA:Press Association
But others will say the PM must start to consider a hard Brexit on April 12
SWNS:South West News Service


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