The Widow fans convinced Georgia’s godfather Martin was behind Will’s disappearance


THE Widow fans are convinced Georgia’s godfather Martin is behind Will’s disappearance.

The third episode of the ITV drama starring Kate Beckinsale aired last night, and left viewers more confused than ever about what happened to Georgia’s missing husband Will.

The Widow fans are convinced Georgia’s godfather Martin is behind Will’s disappearance
Two Brothers Pictures �- Photos by Coco Van Oppens

Georgia doesn’t believe her spouse died in a plane crash in Africa, and has been searching for him.

However her godfather Martin – played by Charles Dance – appeared to know more than he was letting on.

After it was revealed a blind man called Ariel had also survived the plane crash in a flashback, Martin paid him a visit.

Taking to Twitter, viewers felt this meant Martin was behind Will’s disappearance, especially as he wasn’t seen in the plane flashback.

Kate Beckinsale’s character Georgia is convinced her husband Will is still alive and is searching for him in Africa
Reports claimed Will died in a plane crash
Two Brothers Pictures �- Photos by Coco Van Oppens

One wrote: “Now I’m thinking her father wanted rid of her husband?! Like he’s involved somehow. I don’t know my brains melted #TheWidow.”

Another added: “Her father knows more than she does. He’s gone straight to Ariel! #TheWidow.”

A third tweeted: “So glad I don’t have to wait a week to find out what #Martin wants with #Ariel…. how did he know he was on that plane? So many questions!”

The cause of the crash was finally revealed during last night’s show, as a laptop device exploded on board.

However Martin seemed to know about one of the only plane crash survivors, Ariel
Charles Best

It killed everyone apart from Ariel and a lady called Dominique.

In a further twist, a following scene saw Ariel speak about the incident and make reference to the lack of injuries Dominique experienced compared to his own.

He said: “85 people were killed. Dominique had barely a scratch on her when she left me.

“The paper said she died of her injuries.”

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