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The One Show: Alex Jones speechless over Olly Murs video ‘Why is he naked?’


The Masked Singer final airs this weekend and viewers have become convinced that Michael Ball is the celebrity behind Hedgehog. Alex and Michel discussed the competition on The One Show tonight giving their guesses as to who will be unmasked tomorrow night, but it was a ‘naked’ video from Olly Murs that left Alex speechless.

Michael kicked off the show and said: “Welcome to Friday’s One Show with Alex Jones.”

Alex quickly chipped in: “And a man that still won’t tell me if he is Hedgehog in The Masked Singer, it’s Michael Ball.”

Michael replied: “I couldn’t possibly tell you, I thought it was Aled Jones, could be Russell Watson, could be Jason Manford.”

The finale of the show will air on ITV tomorrow night at 7pm and with just three masked celebrities left, who really is behind Hedgehog? 

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However, it was a very strange story about the singer Olly Murs that left the hosts speechless this evening. 

Alex said: “At the end of the week we like to say hi to some of our One Show viewers.

“A big hello to Emma Meehan who you may have seen in the papers today because she is Olly Murs’ personal make-up artist ish.”

Michael explained: “Yes, but it’s not as glamorous as it sounds because this is the Olly she works with at Madame Tussauds in Blackpool. 

“Now apparently he has been the most kissed waxwork in the run up to Valentine’s Day and Emma has to constantly clean off lipgloss and re-do his hair and his make-up – grim.”

She said: “Why is he naked? I mean, thanks Olly and we know it’s Valentine’s Day but put some clothes on.”

Michael Ball moved the show on quickly but once again the questions centred around The Masked Singer finale. 

Yesterday The Masked Singer’s host Joel Dommett joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning. 

Phillip asked: “It’s been the best kept secret on TV and so we are all on the edge of our seats but what I am going to ask you though, am I going to go ‘oh you are joking!’?”

Joel explained: “You genuinely will, especially, there’s one name that I think everyone that filmed it did not expect it to be that person and I think it is the person that has alluded everyone throughout the entire thing it’s so good.”

Holly asked: “Has anyone guessed it?”

He explained: “Yeah some people have, but to throw spanners in the works, sometimes people on social media who it is are saying it isn’t them.

Phillip added: “You want the red herrings, you want the smoke and mirrors.”

“Some people are just so big and of course you have to cater for everyone because there is such a wide viewership on ITV.”

The Masked Singer finale will air on ITV tomorrow at 7pm. 

The One Show continues on Monday at 7pm. 


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