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The Grand Tour could 'stay in Britain' as James May speaks on COVID-19 repercussions


The first and only episode of The Grand Tour’s fourth season so far premiered on Amazon Prime in December 2019.

The Grand Tour Presents… Seamen saw May, Clarkson and Hammond take on the Mekong River in Vietnam with mixed results.

Unfortunately, the outbreak of coronavirus has meant the trio have had to cancel their planned trip to Russia for the season’s third episode.

Moreover, the release of their Madagascar special was also postponed when the series’ producer Andy Wilman fell ill with COVID-19.

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Thankfully, the episode is now ready to go and will hit screens for Amazon subscription holders later this year.

In the meantime, the three hosts are still brainstorming how to continue the series when trips in and out of the UK are heavily dependent on the pandemic’s changeable situation.

During a recent interview, James May has assured fans the show will continue.

However, in the wake of ongoing uncertainty across the globe, the TV presenter admitted The Grand Tour may need to undergo a drastic change of direction away from the show’s original plans.

The Grand Tour initially followed a format closer to BBC’s Top Gear, in which May, Hammond and Clarkson operated from one studio, competed in various challenges and invited celebrity guests.

While many fans enjoyed the change of pace offered by last year’s feature length special, May hinted the upcoming episodes of season four may return to more familiar territory.

With overseas travel still a major risk, the Grand Tour co-host suggested the team may be looking for locations closer to home for the planned third and fourth episodes of the current instalment.

He went on: “We may have to accept that if you’re in Britain or America, us being in Cambodia or Africa is exotic, but for our viewers in those places us being in Ireland would be exotic.”

“So maybe we have to start thinking a bit more like that.

“You’d struggle to go to a part of the world that’s better looking than Scotland and it’s on our doorstep, along with Cornwall and Dorset and Wales and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.”

Amazon has not revealed when the Madagascar special will finally hit the streaming platform.

Now producer Andy Wilman has recovered and May has confirmed meetings with his co-hosts have started to take place, fans are hopeful the series will return before the end of the year.

The Grand Tour presents… Seamen is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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