The Good Place star Ted Danson recalls moment he was ‘p*ssed off’ at showrunners


    Carden agreed and went on: “Yeah, I’m trying to make it sound sweet, but we were mad and sad. When we found out what that finale was gonna be it made it so much easier because it felt right.”

    Thankfully, Danson doesn’t harbour bad feelings towards the powers that be, and conceded Michael Schur delivered a fitting end to his iconic character.

    He added: “I found that the emotional impact on me was pretty much the same emotional impact that Michael was going through.”

    “It was kind of perfect to be able to play that goodbye and to have it be imbued with the depth of us saying goodbye to each other.”

    All eyes are on Michael Schur’s next sitcom project, Rutherford Falls, as well as the upcoming eighth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to see if the comedy showrunner can surpass their lofty expectations. 

    The Good Place is available to stream on Netflix.


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