The Fall season 4 Netflix release date: Will there be another series of The Fall?


    WARNING: This article contains spoilers about The Fall season 4

    What will happen in The Fall season 4?

    Things took a shocking turn of events in the season their finale of The Fall.

    In the end, Paul Spector, also known as the Belfast Strangler, committed suicide, marking the end of Operation Musicman and sending Detective Superindentn Stella Gibson back to London.

    With Jamie Dornan not returning to the show as Spector, the fourth outing will most likely follow the work of Stella Gibson as she tries to hunt down a new killer.

    Speaking to Digital Spy, Anderson said: “One of the things that we’ve discussed is whether it would be more interesting to revisit her a few years from now.

    “I’m excited by the idea of potentially revisiting it in a few years, to see what transpires in Stella’s life afterwards.

    “That would interest me – and certainly the thought that there is a possibility of playing her again is much more interesting to me than saying goodbye to her.

    “Whether it continues or not, right now I’m not willing to say goodbye to her.”

    The Fall is streaming on Netflix now


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