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The Chase’s Paul Sinha confesses ‘Parkinson’s is an adventure’

The ITV quizzer and ex-GP, 50, said: “It’s not about fear for me – it’s about now. I don’t know when the deterioration will start. It’s about getting things right now before it’s too late. It’s an adventure, a race against time to maximise what I’ve got. I’ve got a diagnosed foe, an enemy, and it’s my job to fight it as much as I can. I’ve always been one of life’s cowards. I’ve always been scared. And now I’m not.”

Parkinson’s causes parts of the brain to become progressively damaged and can lead to balance issues, involuntary shakes and muscle stiffness.

Sinha, whose health woes started in 2017, revealed his plight in May last year.

He said he would “fight this with every breath” and is still on The Chase – where he is known as The Sinnerman.

But he admitted one of the biggest drawbacks of being a pro quizzer is competitive taxi drivers.

Sinha said: “I get football facts thrown at me by taxi drivers. And it’s difficult to summon up the courage to say, ‘I don’t care which football clubs begin and end with the same letter’.

“You just bite your lip and say, ‘Oh, yeah, I forgot Charlton Athletic!'”

But he admitted fame had positives, saying: “I enjoy the fact pubs and clubs who didn’t used to let me in because I was middle-aged and overweight now look at me and go, ‘Oh, you’re that middle-aged and overweight guy from The Chase – come in’.”

Sinha also said he has battled what he thinks was COVID-19 after “starting social distancing a few days too late”.


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