The Chase contestant winds up viewers and The Sinnerman by dancing around the studio after defeating him despite taking a MINUS offer


The Chase viewers were raging tonight after a contestant did a celebratory dance after defeating The Sinnerman – despite taking a MINUS offer.

The man called Ebby bowed to Paul Sinha, kissed Bradley Walsh, and pretended to fly like a plane around the studio after making it home.

The Chase contestant Ebby took a minus offer of £1000 and then had a stormer
Ebby kissed and hugged Bradley Walsh and waved his arms around before returning to his seat

Ebby said he had only come on the show to get further than his son Nathan who had competed on it before and was overwhelmed with his feat.

But fans weren’t impressed with his sentimental reasons and said it was a “low blow” to take from the team and then celebrate his success.

Hundreds of people flooded Twitter with expletive filled rants, while one person raged: “I’ve never felt such negative feelings towards a person than I do for the man who just celebrated -£1000!”

Another said: “Well Ebby is an absolute d**k!!!”

The Chase contestant ran around in excitement and was overwhelmed with his win – but viewers were going mad at home
He was none-the-wiser that viewers would be angry about him taking the low offer

Another person wrote: “Ebby acting as if he’s just scored the winning goal in the World Cup final after opting for the minus offer.”

However, others said his reaction was heartwarming: “I aspire to be happy with my life the same way Ebby was when he got through to the Final Chase”

Paul caught the team in the final chase and fans admitted they felt sorry for  fellow contestant David but “not the other two”.

Ebby said he had only come on the show to get further than his son Nathan who had competed on it before

Last year a woman was branded ‘most selfish contestant ever’ on The Chase for taking the offer of MINUS £7,000 after her team mate won them £33K.

Elaine, a 63-year-old sewing machine retailer from Preston, flew through her cash builder round, notching up £6,000 to take on to the board.

Chaser Mark Labbett, known as The Beast, then offered her the chance to play against him for a record-breaking pot of £67,000.

But rather than take the plunge, Elaine accepted a minus offer, bringing the prize fund her fellow competitor Nigel won down to £26,000.

She then sailed through the round, beating The Beast with three lives to spare – much to the fury of viewers.

In the final two-minute cash builder round Elaine and Brian got off to a great start but faltered towards the end, giving them just a 12-step lead.

Unfortunately for them the Beast flew through his questions, catching them up with 56 seconds remaining on the clock.


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