Teen Killer Drew Twisted Murder Fantasy Doodles In His Prison Cell After Butchering His Family – As New Arrest Photos Show Him Soaked In Blood


CHILLING cartoons drawn by a teenager who slaughtered his family have been revealed portraying childish pictures of the murder scene and the serial killers he looked up to.

The images were created by Michael Bever as he awaited trial behind bars in Tulsa County Jail following a stabbing rampage.

Tulsa County Michael Bever covered in blood at the time of his arrest

On Thursday, the 19-year-old was sentenced to five life terms in prison to run consecutively, meaning that even with the possibility of parole he will probably never be released.

His older brother Robert is already serving life after earlier pleading guilty to the horrific murders which shocked America in 2015.

The drawings were found in a book in which Michael Bever names James Holmes, who massacred cinema-goers in Colorado, and cult leader Jim Jones as his heroes.

It includes a page featuring a red swastika with the words “white power” and a number of pictures showing dead stick figures.

The crayon cartoons told how the brothers slaughtered their family

Tulsa County Robert Bever is already serving life after earlier pleading guilty to the horrific murders


Other cartoons paid tribute to notorious serial killers

He also wrote a short story about how he and his brother decided to murder their family at their home in Oklahoma.

Bever was 16 when he and Robert killed their mother, father, two younger brothers and five-year-old sister at their suburban home. Two other sisters survived the attack.

A jury also convicted Michael Bever of one count of assault and battery with intent to kill for wounding his then-13-year-old sister, who survived the attack. A two-year-old sister was unharmed.

The authorities have never revealed the teens’ actual motives for the slayings, however after the attack Robert Bever told cops his parents beat him.

The childlike drawings give a glimpse of what was going through Bever’s mind

AP:Associated Press Michael Bever, centre, is led from a courtroom during his trial in Tulsa

He said his father once dragged him upstairs because he left a light on and his mother slapped him so hard it left a mark.

Robert then described to police how he planned to murder his parents and siblings and that he hoped killing them would bring him fame.

The knife rampage started with Michael and Robert attacking their 13-year-old sister in her bedroom where they slit her throat and stabbed her in the torso and arms.

As they carried out that attack, their mother April, 44, came into the bedroom and they turned on her. She was stabbed nearly 50 times in the head, neck and torso.

Tulsa County Following Michael’s conviction in May, officials released graphic photos of their arrests

Tulsa County The brothers were arrested by cops after hiding out in woods near their home

AP:Associated Press A coroner’s worker loads a body into a van at the murder scene

Their father David Bever was then stabbed 28 stab times in his head, neck and torso, the court was told.

Brother Daniel, 12, was able to call 911 before he succumbed to his stab wounds.  He pleaded: “My brother’s attacking my family… help!’

The youngest victim was five-year-old Victoria who was stabbed 18 times. Only two-year-old Autumn escaped unharmed.

Jurors heard how the brothers also planned to drive to Washington State to shoot five “random” people using guns Robert had bought online.

Michael Bever’s police mugshot taken just after the killings The massacre took place inside the Bevers’ Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Both killers were eventually tracked down by cops called to horrific murder scene after hiding out in woods behind their family home.

Neighbours said the children were all home-schooled and that their parents kept them on a tight leash, forbidding them from playing with kids outside the family.

Defence attorneys argued Michael Bever was led astray by his older brother, and Robert Bever testified that he wanted to take responsibility for all of the killings.

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