Teen gets her granddad to do her makeup for tutorial video with hilarious results


LET’S be honest – when it comes to the world of beauty, sometimes we even struggle to know what’s what.

But while we can’t always tell the difference between a normal bronzer and a Kim K-worthy contour, one beauty vlogger has enlisted her GRANDDAD to do her make-up – and the results are totally adorable.


Megan’s granddad was asked to recreate her everyday makeup[/caption]

Tired of her usual Get Ready With Me’s and travel vlogs, London-based YouTube star Megan Margot filmed a hilarious video of her grandfather trying to do her everyday make-up.

Giving him a recent Instagram selfie for guidance, Megan’s grandfather from Oldham starts by asking: “So you want me to make you beautiful? Did you not get any beauty sleep last night or what?”

And based on Megan’s super sculpted, smokey eye and bold lip everyday make-up, she didn’t make it easy for her dear old Granddad.

Kicking off with a “foundation cream”, Megan’s granddad starts by smearing it on his hand and using his finger to effectively poke her in the face.


The eyebrows are where things went really pear-shaped[/caption]


Megan’s granddad started by working from the top of her face and working down[/caption]

When this doesn’t work, he then takes a more logical approach to application and starts rubbing the foundation into Megan’s forehead so it “doesn’t run down”.

After almost mistakenly applying lip pencil to Megan’s eyebrows, her granddad then proceeds to recreate her signature “arched” brow.

And while his foundation application was (almost) flawless, the eyebrows is where it all goes hilariously wrong.

Moving a black kohl eyeliner back and forth along her brow, Megan ends up looking more Cruella de Vil than Kylie Jenner is all we’re saying.


The eyeshadow may not have been his strong suit but Megan’s granddad excelled with the lipstick[/caption]


Unsurprisingly, the liquid eyeliner wasn’t perfect[/caption]


Let’s just say, the results were nothing short of hilarious[/caption]

Unsurprisingly, Megan’s grandfather struggles with the liquid eyeliner side of things – who doesn’t? – but redeems himself when it comes to applying lipstick.

Fearing Megan will “laugh and get it all over your teeth”, he even proceeds to pucker his lips like a pro.

But our personal highlight of the 12 minute video? When Megan’s granddad picks up Benefit’s cult classic Hoola bronzer and says: “I don’t know what it benefits Maybe it emphasises things or something.”

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