SWEXIT: Warning for EU as Sweden set to shake up Brussels elections


Speaking to Euronews, leader of the youth section of the Swedish anti-EU party, Tobias Andersson, said Sweden will always be part of Europe but could very well leave the European Union unless the Brussels bloc accepts to make substantial changes to its core institutions. Mr Andersson claimed other eurosceptic parties around the bloc have failed to propose a renewed vision of the EU whilst being quick to criticise it. 

He said: “We will always be inside of Europe but perhaps not inside the European Union.

“I think it’s good to separate those two things.

“I want the European Union to exist but they should focus on other things.

“For example, it’s very good to focus on free trade, that we have the internal market and so on.

“It’s fantastic that we can try to help each other to strengthen the security and to take action against different types of terrorist attacks taking part all over Europe in different European countries.

“So I think those are good things, but there are also things that the European Union shouldn’t be doing and we’ve put forward a platform with 113 different proposals on how we can change the European Union and that would be what we’re campaigning on.

“I think that eurosceptic parties have been lacking a view for what kind of Europe they want and we’re trying to put forward that view.”

It comes after his party backtracked on the electoral campaign promise to push for a referendum on Sweden’s membership to the EU.

Mr Andersson claimed the party is now waiting to judge the consequences of the Brexit progress on the UK before deciding to push for their own exit. 

This month, Sweden passed plans to scrap the EU’s Schengen rules and extend border checks for another three months over fears of public safety.

The Scandinavian country has cancelled Schengen rules with the checks, citing the continued threat to “public order and internal security in Sweden”.

Sweden first brought in the checks in autumn 2015 after hundreds of thousands of migrants arrived in the country after travelling through Europe.

Interior minister Mikael Damberg hit out at the EU and what he saw as failures of the Schengen agreement, which grants free movement between participating countries across Europe.


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