Sunday Brunch plunged into darkness as technical blunder forces them to go to ad break


SUNDAY Brunch was plunged into darkness today due to a technical blunder, which forced them to go to an ad break.

Hosts Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy were talking to Ghost stars Charlotte Richie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe when the lights suddenly went out.

Charlotte Richie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe were shocked as the lights went off

Charlotte assumed it was joke because they are in the spooky BBC show, but it soon became apparent that was down to an electrical fault.

She asked: “Is this a thing you have done because we are on a show called Ghosts?”

Remaining calm, Tim said: “Apparently we have to carry on broadcasting like this.”

Simon joked that it was because the meter had run out of money, while Charlotte looked shocked.

Simon and Tim managed to get them back on after the break
They were going to attempt to cook in the dark

Tim added: “Apparently we are going to go to an advert break to see if someone can put some money in the metre to fix the lights.”

Fortunately they managed to sort it out during the break and Tim told viewers:  “Just needed plugging in, that was all it was.”

Simon jokingly added: “£2.50 of 50ps I put in.”

Tim continued: “We’re back, did you miss us? So the electrics are back.”

Those watching at home spotted the blunder and took to Twitter to discuss it.

One person wrote: “#SundayBrunch Easter Sunday Rave! The power for lights is clearly more expensive over the long Bank Holiday weekend #Oops #LightsOut.”

Another commented: “Sound doesn’t work followed by the lights blacking out and having to go to a break. A tech engineer is getting fired today #sundaybrunch.”

While someone else remarked: “Hello? Ha no lights, can you still cook? #SundayBrunch.”

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