Sue Perkins confronts stranger after 'aggressive' homophobic abuse 'I burst into tears'


    Sue Perkins, 51, who previously hosted The Great British Bake Off alongside Mel Giedroyc, 52, has revealed she was verbally abused by a stranger when she was walking her dog in Hampstead. The GBBO star admitted she thought the man was going to hit her at the time.

    She began: “I did have my first homophobic insult in 20 years recently, and I thought, ‘Oh, I wonder if that’s coming back?’ I was on the heath and this guy, I think he said, ‘You f***ing dyke.'”

    Detailing what happened, Sue continued: “At the time, I sort of went right up to him and went, ‘What did you say?’ And he sort of postured a bit almost as if he was going to hit me, almost like an intimation of something physical.

    “I just thought I’m going to stand here. And, very calmly, I went, ‘What did you say?’ I remember my hand was out because I wanted to keep that distance, like if you come within the length of my arm I know that something really bad is going to happen.”

    She added: “He just sort of buckled a bit and he went, ‘I just mean you’ve got a nice face, why would you…’ I just thought, ‘What’s my face got to do with you?'”

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    Speaking on the Homo Sapiens podcast, the presenter went on to tell her listeners she walked away and “burst into tears”.

    “I just said, ‘I’m just walking my dog and I’m quiet and I’m in a good mood and I’ve got love for everyone here and you’ve destroyed that and you can’t take that back today.’ And I went off and I burst into tears,” she shared.

    “It was so shocking and so unusual.”

    Sue concluded: “But no, that was the first time ever, when I was growing up it was just mutterings, it was all quiet, and a cultural thing of that’s just not quite right.”

    Anna was previously in a relationship with her partner Charles Martin for 18 years.

    The presenter spoke out about her relationship and sex life with Sue in an interview with Diva Magazine.

    “The sexual adjustment is easy, the emotional adjustment is something else, as you know, a relationship with a woman is far more intense,” she confessed.

    “This I have learnt. It’s an emotional tsunami.”


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