Sturgeon humiliated: SNP to use desperate election tactic to 'distract' voters, claims MSP


    The SNP are expected to win over 53 percent of the constituency vote in the upcoming in 2021 Holyrood election, according to a commissioned Panelbase poll. However, the nationalist party’s “pretty poor” record on Scotland’s domestic issues could pose a problem for them, Tory MSP Miles Briggs has claimed. He told the independence debate could possibly be used to “distract” from these failings.

    Mr Briggs said: “Their record really gets distracted from.

    “I think that’s what a lot of Conservatives in the [Scottish] parliament get very frustrated over.

    “The SNP’s actual record on health, education and transport is pretty poor.

    “But we never really get on to holding them to account on that.”

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    He continued: “They manage to always keep people distracted with this idea of another referendum coming soon.

    “That’s no doubt what they’ll try to do again next year.

    “I think a significant number of voters in Scotland know exactly what the number one priority is for the SNP.

    “But as we’re trying to recover from COVID economically, I’m a bit more sceptical about their chances.”

    The Scottish Parliament elections are scheduled to take place on May 6, 2021.

    However, there are discussions in Holyrood about whether it might need to be delayed due to the pandemic.

    In the previous 2016 election, Nicola Sturgeon’s party won a third victory under her leadership.

    However, the SNP suffered a loss of six seats while the Scottish Conservatives secured an additional 16.

    This was their best electoral performance in Scotland since 1992, and succeeded in pushing Scottish Labour into third place.


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