Sturgeon FURIOUS and fires back at ‘bonkers’ claims she is not dedicated to independence


    Scotland’s First Minister rebuke came as she confirmed her intention to stand in next year’s Holyrood election. She also said she would serve another full term if elected in the 2021 vote for the Scottish Parliament. Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with BBC Scotland Ms Sturgeon reaffirmed the Scottish National Party’s “strength” with independence also gaining favour in recent opinion polls.

    Ms Sturgeon said there should be no question about her dedication to the independence campaign.

    She said: “Let’s just say I’m pretty comfortable in my own commitment to independence and other people can question it if they want but I think it’s bonkers.

    “People are entitled to draw whatever conclusions and make whatever judgments of you that they want, that’s democracy.

    “I’ve spent my entire adult life campaigning for Scottish independence.

    “I believe in Scottish independence with every fibre of my being.

    “I also believe that Scotland is going to be independent sooner rather than later and I’m also the SNP leader that now presides over support for Scottish independence.”

    Last month a Panelbase poll in the Sunday Times had support for a Yes vote in an independence referendum at 54 percent and support for No at 46 percent.

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    She added: “The SNP is in a position of strength that parties the world over would love to be in and we’ve got as a party to recognise that we don’t exist in some kind of bubble, we are the governing party of Scotland.

    “Right now the majority of the people in the country we serve are worried about their health, they’re worried about their jobs, they’re worried about their ability to pay their bills.

    “Opinion polls would suggest they massively trust the SNP to lead them through that crisis – if they ever thought the SNP was turning away from that priority, and focusing on its own agendas and engaging in infighting, I’m sure they would pass a verdict on that.”

    Last month a new Alliance for Independence party was formed which will reportedly run under the slogan “Max the Yes” in the May 2021 ballot.

    The First Minister has in the past said she wants the SNP “united” before next year’s vote.

    This comes as SNP MP Joanna Cherry has said she will stand for Holyrood next year.

    It came after suggestions the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) could bring in a new requirement for sitting MPs wishing to stand for Holyrood to secure at least £10,000 of funding towards the subsequent by-election campaign.

    As well as securing more funding, the new SNP’s governing body wants MPs to resign before standing again.

    Ms Sturgeon warned the party should not “ever get into the trap of focusing on our own preoccupations” such as “internal disputes or feuds or personality clashes”.


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