Stunning new book showcases history of incredible work produced by female war photographers


A NEW book showcases the rich history of an incredible portfolio produced by female war photographers.

With access to places men cannot go, women have long been able to offer a unique perspective to conflict.

From intimate glimpses of daily life to the atrocities of war, this exhibition catalogue reveals eight women photographers’ contributions to wartime photojournalism.

Lee Miller, who documented the liberation of Dachau and Buchenwald, is featured in the book, as is the work of the first woman journalist to parachute into Vietnam, Catherine Leroy.

Photographs taken by Susan Meiselas, which raised international awareness around the Somoza regime’s catastrophic effects in Nicaragua, are also included.

And vital images by German reporter Anja Niedringhaus, who worked on assignment in nearly every major conflict of the 1990s, show the effect of conflict in a number of countries.

Christine Spengler

A woman holds her child and a rifle during training of Polisario soldiers in December 1978, Western Sahara[/caption]

Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos

Searching everyone travelling by car, truck, bus or foot in Nicaragua, 1978[/caption]

Carolyn Cole

These Liberian men were buried in a mass grave in 2003 amid the ten-year civil conflict[/caption]

Carolyn Cole

The face of Saddam Hussein, riddled with bullet holes, is painted over by Salem Yuel at what was once a Fedayeen training camp in Baghdad on April 16, 2004[/caption]

Françoise Demulder

A quarantine camp in Beirut – Christian militia and Palestinians clash in January 1976[/caption]

Françoise Demulder

Taken on May 20, 1991, this image shows the fall of Addis Ababa, amid the Ethiopian Civil War[/caption]

Catherine Leroy

US troops bombing the Binh Dinh province, The Vietnam War in September 1966[/caption]

Catherine Leroy

US Navy Corpsman Vernon Wike with a dying US Marine, in the Battle of Hill 881, near Khe Sanh, 1967[/caption]

Anja Niedringhaus

Afghan men on a motorbike overtake Canadian soldiers as they patrol the Panjwaii district in Afghanistan in September 2010[/caption]

Susan Meiselas / Magnum Photos

A rebel wearing a traditional dance mask from the town of Minimbo, Nicaragua, to hide their identity – taken in 1978[/caption]

Lee Miller

Regina Lisso, who took her own life along with her family in Leipzig, Germany in 1945 as the town fell to the allies – taken by Lee Miller[/caption]

Gerda Taro

Refugees are picture from Malaga in Almeria, Spain in February 1937 amid the Spanish Civil War[/caption]

Gerda Taro

During the Spanish Civil War this image of a Republican militia-woman training on the beach outside Barcelona was taken[/caption]

Christine Spengler

Daily life in Belfast 1970, as five boys dressed for carnival celebrations are frisked by an English soldier against a wall[/caption]


The cover of the powerful book features a US Marine raid on the house of an Iraqi delegate in 2004[/caption]

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