Strictly Come Dancing's Neil Jones 'won't receive celebrity partner' in huge shake-up


    Fans took to Twitter to vent their frustration at snippets of performances being shown rather than the entire dance. 

    One said: “Having ruined movie night with all the messing about and viewers’ videos, let’s hope the BBC learn from the comments and just show the best dances in full next week #Strictly.”

    “This is SO disappointing. No full dances. There is nothing enjoyable about an hour and 20 mins of clips. And you have made a weekly series of them. Sorry I am switching off this is dull #strictly #movies,” a second wrote. 

    Someone else added: “Can’t believe I’ve turned Strictly off! Massive disappointment. Wish you’d just showed the best dances in full. #strictly.”

    A fourth shared: “This #strictly show is putting me off Strictly. I think it’s odd they keep flicking from dance to dance. Show the whole f*****g dance FFS!”

    Strictly Come Dancing returns later this year to BBC One. 


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