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Steph McGovern speaks out on awkward confrontation 'She was mortified'


Steph McGovern, 38, was chatting with her childhood friend Claire and producer Geoff – who co-host the Not Bad For A Monday podcast – as she recalled an incident with a member of the production team while on set. The former BBC Breakfast presenter described how one time during filming, a camerawoman stood on Claire’s dress.

Steph recalled how Claire could not move and thought she perhaps was being “shy”.

She said: “I remember just walking in and I was shaking my head like, ‘Claire come on’, and I thought, ‘Oh God maybe she’s gone all shy or something.’

“So I go over, and I’m like, ‘Come on Claire what are you doing man?’ And she just pointed down at the floor, and the woman holding the camera was stood on the back of her dress!”

Producer Geoff then questioned why Claire didn’t raise the alarm.

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Each week the trio discuss funny, strange and sometimes revolting things that can happen in the workplace.

Meanwhile, in her personal life, Steph welcomed a baby girl with her partner last year and is yet to reveal her daughter’s name.

At the time of the announcement, Steph told her Twitter followers: “Well hello world, just surfaced to let you know that we now have a daughter! […] We’re all fine and dandy. Just getting used to the Eau de sick/poo I am now regularly wearing. #babylife.”

The TV host has remained tight-lipped previously on her personal life, as she prioritises her privacy.

During the recent lockdown, she has balanced her mum duties while presenting The Steph Show on Channel 4.

The TV presenter told The Sun: “I feel really lucky to be spending so much time with my daughter but I worry about her not seeing grandparents, or meeting new people — that social aspect.”

Over on her podcast, Steph explained the difficulties she and her partner have faced of spending time together alone.

“And I’ve said that I want a date night. So once the baby is asleep we’re basically going to pretend that we’re going out,” the Channel 4 host told listeners.


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