Steph McGovern addresses 'pet name' for mystery partner amid surprising dating admission


    Former BBC Breakfast star Steph McGovern, 37, tends to keep details about her love life out of the public eye, but has now given a brief insight into her relationship on her most recent podcast.

    Steph is believed to be dating a BBC executive, whose identity is unknown.

    Speaking on her podcast Not Bad For A Monday, she told her co-stars Claire and Geoff she had “several” pet names for her partner, but refused to give any further details.

    Steph’s admission came as the trio discussed a listener’s romantic story which went wrong.

    The presenter read out a story from a listen named John, who said he accidentally sent a loved-up voice message to his boss instead of his girlfriend.

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    John said he also accidentally posted the message in his work group chat and has since been referred to as the “love machine”.

    Steph’s co-star said the situation should be seen as a positive thing as he believes John’s work friends will know he is a nice person, outside of the workplace.

    Steph and Claire had other views as they believed the situation was “embarrassing”.

    “You don’t want anyone to hear what you’re like talking to your partner, like the pet name or the little mushy things you say,” Steph divulged.

    She went on to say her nickname for Geoff is “little fluff ball” in reference to his facial hair.

    Also on the show, Steph revealed she used to date a chef, which seemingly intrigued her co-stars.

    After reading out a hectic work story from a chef, Steph said the job sounded “stressful”.

    “Not like you’d know Steph,” Claire jokingly replied, seemingly in reference to Steph’s cooking skills.

    Laughing, Steph replied: “I used to date a chef actually many years ago, but there we are.”

    Seeming stunned, Geoff queried: Hang on, you used to be a chef?”

    Clarifying her remark, Steph laughed: “No, I used to date a chef!”

    Steph welcomed her first baby with her partner back in November. The name of her daughter is currently unknown. 


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