Stavros Flatley confirmed for BGT: The Champions TONIGHT – but what have they been up to since since we last saw them?


STAVROS Flatley became national treasures when they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent 10 years ago.

But are they making a return for Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions and what have they done since the show? Here’s their story so far…

Who are Stavros Flatley?

The lovable duo – Demi Demetriou and son Lagi – won the nation’s hearts with their comical Greek version of Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance in Britain’s Got Talent 2009.

Their unique dancing saw them make it all the way to the final and prompted Simon Cowell to comment: “Can I just say, this is one of my favourite ever dance acts.”

Videos of their performances attracted over ten million hits on YouTube and numerous fan groups started to pop up on Facebook.

Despite their popularity, the pair ended up in fourth place behind Susan Boyle, Diversity and saxophonist Julian Smith.


Stavros Flately won the nation’s hearts with their comical Greek version of Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance on BGT in 2009[/caption]

When are Stravos Flately on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions?

You can catch the boys TONIGHT (September 21, 2019) on the show.

All the action is on ITV from 8.30pm.

They will go up against the likes of former BGT winners George Sampson and Colin Thackeray.

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Prior to appearing on the show, dad Demi Demetriou owned a Greek restaurant[/caption]

What did Stavros Flatley do after they were on Britain’s Got Talent?

Since they charmed everyone with their affectionate bond on the show, the pair toured round Britain in a campervan to take their performance on the road.

Lagi even took a year out of school for the road trip, and the pair earned around £3,500 per performance and sometimes did four gigs a week.

The pair have done their routines at more than 300 events in the UK and performed at Butlins, Glastonbury, for the England cricket team and in countries such as France, China, Australia, Germany and Greece.

They also released a book called How To Be A Little Bit Greek and hosted an MTV show.

In total, the pair earned over £500,000 during the trip, which Demi said he was saving for when Lagi and his sister Ellie had grown up.

Lagi was just 12 when he entered BGT, he is now 22-years-old.

In May 2019, the duo made a surprise appearance on BGT as part of the 4MG magic act.

Stavros Flately made a guest appearance on BGT in 2019
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When was Stavros Flatley on the Royal Variety Show?

After their successful performance on Britain’s Got Talent, the pair found themselves sharing the stage with the likes of Girls Aloud at the 100th Royal Variety Performance in 2012.

Appearing in front of the Queen, the dancing duo emerged out of a box comically titled British Talent…Made in Cyprus.

Stavros Flatley then went into a medley of dances alongside performances from other Britain’s Got Talent contestants Paul Potts and Diversity.

Comedy dancing duo Stavros Flatley are starring in reality show Sugar Free Farm
Thew comedy dancing duo also starred in reality show Sugar Free Farm in 2017

What TV work have Stavros Flatley done?

When they both first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, the performers prided themselves on jiggling their bellies and embracing their wobbles.

But in January 2017 the pair featured in Sugar Free Farm, a reality show in which celebrities became farmers and relinquished sugar.

The performing duo joined the likes of Alison Hammond, Joe Pasquale and Gemma Collins in the mission to improve their diet with the help of nutritionist Hala El-Shafie.

5ft 8in Demi dropped to 13 stone, losing around 3st in just two weeks, meanwhile Lagi lost a stone.

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The dancing duo found fame on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009[/caption]

Do Stavros Flatley just do dancing?

Aside from touring the country doing their shows, Demi earned money through an electrical business, which went belly up in 2011.

It was reported that electrical firm went into administration, with sub-contractors claiming they were owed £100,000.

He also lost £180,000 of his own cash in the crash, which racked up debts of more than half a million in total.

What did Stavros Flatley do before they shot to fame?

Demi was raised in London in the area of Oakwood, and at the age of 22, decided to embark on a dream of opening his own Greek restaurant.

He had the idea of performing Irish jigs for customers in the evening, and the concept stood strong until the eatery eventually closed in 2002.

He then rented out the building to tenants and bought his stake in an electrical business called LAGI Contractors.

Demi said he had the idea of entering Britain’s Got Talent with his son when he heard they were looking for participants and the pair rehearsed non-stop at home in preparation.





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