SNP's Ian Blackford downplays damning Russia report on Scottish vote: 'Only one paragraph'

Speaking to Sky News’ Adam Boulton, the SNP Westminster leader claimed the latest report published by the Intelligence and Security Committee lacked substantial evidence there was Russian interference in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum led by his party and Nicola Strugeon. He said: “I think what the report makes clear, Adam, is that there’s been Russian interference in our democracy over a considerable period of time.

“Not just in the United Kingdom but in the US and we know in France as well.

“I think what’s remarkable about this report, one is that we had to wait so long for it – the Prime Minister should have authorised its publication before the election – we’ve had limitless speculations over the last few months.

“And I have to say, when I saw the front-page of the Daily Telegraph this morning that was leading on the Scottish story you would have thought that there were damning revelations contained in the report.

“But the harsh reality is there’s one paragraph that refers to any Russian involvement in our referendum.”

He added: “The bigger question is that we don’t seem to know what the Russian impact was in the Brexit referendum.”

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