Sisters win High Court inheritance battle against millionaire brother


Sisters who fought their millionaire brother for a share of their mother’s estate have won a High Court battle, after a judge agreed that her traditionalist husband forced her to change her will.

Ho Chin from Southend in Essex, amassed a fortune of up to £3 million through a successful restaurant business and property investments, including homes in Hong Kong.

She died in 2015 aged 82 and left all her money to her already wealthy son, 53-year-old Winston, because her husband George, 87, wanted her inheritance to be passed to the family’s male heir.

But three of the couple’s daughters – Ivy, 60, Rose, 61, and Ruby, 57 – decided to challenge the decision and have now overturned their mother’s final will.

A High Court judge in London agreed that Mrs Chin had changed her will under “undue influence of her husband and/or son” and had done so “for the sake of a quiet life” without realising the implications.

George and his son Winston deny putting Mrs Chin under pressure.

Judge Milwyn Jarman QC said: “It is clear in my judgment that from a time shortly after his wife’s stroke, [George] Chin began to put pressure on his wife to leave her share of Southchurch Road to the male line, and that Winston was aware of his parents’ argument on the issue.


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