Singleton reveals a man slammed her as ‘disrespectful’ after she went on ONE ‘awkward’ date with him six months ago and she didn’t agree to another


A WOMAN has revealed the scornful messages she received from a man she went on a date with over six months ago, after not messaging him again to arrange a second meeting.

Amy Bottrill, from London, was sent a message out of the blue from the mystery man, who she revealed she met online and went out with for one very ‘awkward’ evening.

Amy Bottrill, from London, was sent a message out of the blue from the mystery man, six months after their date
Twitter/Amy Bottrill

Taking to Twitter with her story, Amy wrote: “I have just been roasted within an inch of my life by this man who bought me one meal in October 2018 and has apparently been seething ever since.”

She shared screenshots of the unexpected messages, in which the man calls her ‘disrespectful’ for taking a free dinner and never calling back.

“Do you know how disrespectful it is to have someone take you out on a date, pay for everything, drop you home, then to never call or text that person back?” he wrote.

And when Amy asked if he’s been holding a grudge, he added: “Life is too short for grudges, darling. However, don’t let that stop any reconciling you have have been considering.”

Amy shared screenshots of the messages, in which the man calls her ‘disrespectful’ for taking a free dinner and never calling back
Twitter/Amy Bottrill

Amy wasn’t the only one surprised – as after sharing the exchange on social media, her followers too took to the comment section to voice their horror at the audacity of the text.

“Life’s too short to hold grudges, says the dude who has definitely been angry about it,” one user wrote.

With another adding: “That’s 1,000,000% confirmation that you did the right thing at the end of that date.”

“Babe, blow the dust off my number and be nice to me,” he wrote next. “It took a lot for me to reach out to you after the way you behaved so you should be making much more of an effort.”



The man told Amy she should be making ‘more of an effort’ to make it up to him – six months later
Twitter/Amy Bottrill

Despite Amy reiterating that she wasn’t interested, the man continued to pester her over why, leaving her no choice but to explain.

She snapped back her date: “We had one fairly awkward date and you didn’t seem to fancy me or want to see me again.

“Now it’s nearly six months later and you think the way to get my attention is by being hostile and entitled and calling me disrespectful? Nah, I’m good thanks.”

Rejected for a second time, things turned personal as he slated Amy’s outfit choice – which she described as a ‘low cut black dress’ and ‘four inch heels’.

Things quickly got personal as the man turned things on Amy after she clapped back about their date
Twitter/Amy Bottrill

“To be honest, you came on our date dressed like you was attending a funeral of someone you didn’t like,” the guy wrote. “Quite a contrast to the ways you were dressed in the sexually arousing pictures you were delighting me with prior.”

Amy’s post has since been liked 23k times and received thousands of comments – all in support of Amy.

“Tell him if he didn’t want you dressed for a funeral he should have given you LIFE,” one woman jokingly wrote.

While another said: “How few dates has this man had since that he still remembers who he dated six months ago? He should be the one dressed for a funeral…for his love life.”


“‘The sexually arousing pictures you were delighting me with prior’ is one of the worst things that’s ever been said in the English language – who is this monster?” a third added.

Meanwhile, others saw it as an opportunity to share their equally awkward dating stories.

“‘My friend once went to the pub to break up with a guy she’d been seeing for a couple of months,” one woman said.

“After she did it, his first reaction was ‘wow, I can’t believe you just say there and let me buy you an orange juice knowing you were going to break up with me’ – an ORANGE JUICE!” Yikes.


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