Shipwrecked star Beth is ‘Chicken Stripper’ BBC documentary star who sold topless snaps on X-rated site after quitting KFC job


SHIPWRECKED star Beth Spiby has an X-rated past and flogged topless photos after appearing in a BBC documentary on KFC.

The Sun Online can reveal the ex waitress was a real-life chicken stripper back in 2016, before she  stunned viewers by simulating a sex act on the E4 show.

Beth shocked viewers when she simulated a sex act on Shipwrecked this week


Beth ditched her job after seeing her social media following rise following an appearance on Billion Dollar Chicken Shop back in 2015.

Aged 20, joined softcore porn website Only Fans where she posted X-rated pictures and videos and sold them on for a tenner.

In the meantime, Beth starred in a lingerie shoot for lads mag Zoo before it closed its doors and worked as a rep in Magaluf, as well as a retail assistant in M&S.

The reality star previously explained to The Sun: “I’ve made more money than I’d ever get peddling fast food.

Bethany Spibly
The youngster directs her 8,000 social media following to her page
Bethany Spibly
She joined the X-rated site on December 6
Bethany Spibly
She has already posted 19 saucy snaps and vids since joining

“I think I look great and if blokes want to pay, why not?

“I’ve always shared steamy pictures on social media, but rather than doing it for free I might as well charge for it.

“It’s been going down a treat so far. I’d love to be able to make a full time career out of modelling one day.”

Bethany on KFC documentary
She packed in her job at KFC after appearing on the three-part show
Bethany Spibly outside KFC
Bethany starred in the BBC fly on the wall documentary in 2015
Bethany Spibly
The former chicken shop worker said she would love to model full time

Beth is now a cam girl and found herself in the limelight again when she joined Shipwrecked on Monday.

She wasted no time and demonstrated her profession by lying on the floor and spreading her legs.

Beth immediately volunteered to up the sex factor during a game of Truth or Dare.

Speaking to the camera, she said: “I obviously love a game of truth or dare, as a very confident individual I will never say no to anything and I love to show off a bit. So give me all the dares you want, I like to play the games.”

The 22-year-old glamour model originally offered to get naked

Beth and KFC manager Paul
TV Company

Beth with manager Paul on hit Beeb show[/caption]

Initially Beth offered to get “f***ing naked” before being asked to show her “signature move”.

The brunette beauty got on the ground and said: “My signature will probably be the camera there on the tripod and I’ll be like…”

Fully clothed, she then moaned and made other suggestive noises as she demonstrated the position.

She then apologised to her mother as she got up from the floor.


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