Sex robot pervs can now buy fake silicone FEET with built-in privates to ‘simulate foot sex’


RANDY sex-bot fans can now buy pairs of silicone feet to “simulate foot sex”.

Even more bizarrely, some pairs of fake feet have built-in privates – and sell for up to £315 a pair.

sex robot feet
Lifelike silicone feet are being sold online to randy foot lovers
Foot-Fetish-Toys / The Sun
sex robot feet
Silicone feet come in all shapes and sizes
Foot-Fetish-Toys / The Sun
sex robot feet
One bizarre trend sees feet equipped with fake vaginas – for ‘foot sex’
SiliconWives / The Sun

The sex robot craze has been widely documented, with scores of men turning to silicone women powered by computer chips.

But kinky fans of feet are now going one step further and buying detached pairs of feet with faux-vaginas, dubbed by one firm as “vajankles”.

One such website is Silicon Wives, a love doll retailer that sells “realistic silicone feet with vaginas” for $199 (~£150).

“The realistic silicone feet with vaginas are perfect for the feet lovers out there that still want a traditional sex toy experience,” the site’s creators explain.

sex robot feet
The feet are designed to be fleshy to the touch
SexyRealSexDolls / The Sun
sex robot feet
Feet – which can cost hundreds of pounds – are sold as being ‘realistic’
SiliconWives / The Sun
sex robot feet
Some firms employ professional sculptors to create very impressive designs
Sinthetics / The Sun

They went on: “This product is hand-crafted with premium medical-grade silicone to provide an ultra-realistic sex experience.

“The feet are highly detailed to look and feel just like real feet.”

A listing for one product explains that it “can be used for vaginal sex or foot sex”.

And – incredibly – men are actually purchasing these feet, and even leaving product reviews.

One anonymous reviewer wrote:

“I’ll tell you right now that the vagina part of these feet aren’t very deep. But I doubt that’s the reason why anyone would buy these.

“The feet are perfect! The pictures don’t do them justice!

“I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is even thinking about buying these! The shipping was very quick as well!”

sex robot feet
One company sells “vajankles” for particularly horned-up foot lovers
Sinthetics / The Sun
sex robot feet
Vajankles come equipped with a vagina in the ankle
Sinthetics / The Sun

Another firm that offers more premium designs is Sinthetic.

The company provides a range of realistic female bodies – but serves up sculpted soles on the side.

Its most eye-catching product is the Vajankle, which is a detached foot with a vagina built-in.

“The Vajankle is a novelty product that was created by special request,” the site’s owners explain.

“It has a usable vagina in the top of the ankle.”

Sinthetic bases its designs on human models, who are hired “based on requests from our foot-fetish friends and clients”.

And they come at a high price: a Vajankle can cost anywhere from $99 to $299.50(~£75 to ~£230).

To create a Vajankle, an in-house sculptor will work using a mix of digital scanning technology and classical sculpting techniques.

“It takes both talent and creativity to find new ways to integrate technology to redefine what can be done and continually raise the bar,” the anonymous sculptor explains.

“My hands and heart go into every piece that comes out of our studio. From the sculpting development to the final delivered piece.

“There will never be a day that my hands are not directly involved with every piece that goes out the door. We will never be a manufacturing plant pumping out dolls using the lowest paid employees we can hire to make ‘the product’.

“We view our work as art above all.”

sex robot feet
Retailers charge hundreds of pounds for their feet, and target them at foot fetishists – people who get turned on by feet
Foot-Fetish-Toys / The Sun
sex robot feet
But not all fake feet are ‘vajankles’
SexyRealSexDolls / The Sun

Another popular retailer is called Foot Fetish Toys, and caters exclusively for men with an attraction to feet.

It promises to provide “the best doll feet for a foot-fetish man”, and flogs a wide range of fake feet.

But only the truly dedicated need apply: faux feet can go for as much as $410 (~£315) a pair – the most expensive we found online.

Of course, pairs of feet are a steal compared to love dolls and sex robots.

A silicone love doll – with no computerised parts – can cost as much as £2,000 to £3,000.

And a proper sex robot powered by artificial intelligence is far more: Realbotix’s Harmony can cost as much as £8,000.


Just last week, The Sun revealed how foot-loving pervs were swapping pics of unsuspecting women’s toes on creepy “candid feet” Facebook pages.

And we also exposed a bizarre sex robot “takeaway service” that lets pervs rent used dolls for £180 a night.

In September 2018, The Sun exclusively revealed how one sex-bot collector had spent $200,000 on love dolls – which he keeps in a cupboard.

Do you think sex-tech has finally gone too far? Let us know in the comments!

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