Seann Walsh: Strictly star blasted by domestic abuse charity for choke-slamming girlfriend


    “When I was in my mid twenties, before there was even the term ‘troll’, I had a TV show. It wasn’t good but I was young and inexperienced. Nevertheless, that should have been an exciting time in my life. But instead I remember it for someone tweeting me ‘What is @seannwalsh and how do we make it die?’

    “I must hear that echo in my mind every few weeks. I hate this place. It’s poisonous.”

    Seann continued: “To everyone that has got in touch on here over the years to say you enjoyed one of my gigs or shows, thank you so much, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to all of you.”

    He concluded by saying: “I won’t miss this place. What even is it? In all my life, I don’t think I’ve actually heard anyone talk about the things people talk about on here in real life. Chill out and have a biscuit.”


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