Sandhurst cadets charged with battery against trainee army officer after reports of waterboarding


Two Sandhurst cadets have been charged with battery against a trainee army officer after prosecutors investigated reports of waterboarding.

The Royal Military Police (RMP) launched an investigation after the alleged incident on August 7, 2018, at the famous Royal Military Academy in Camberley, Surrey. 

The Service Prosecution Authority today charged the two cadets, who will appear at Bulford Military Court near Salisbury, Wilts on Feb 26.

They were alleged at the time to have pinned down the victim before pouring water over a cloth covering his face, in an act that was said to induce the feeling of drowning, but have instead been handed a lesser charge of battery.

The Telegraph understands that the incident did not take place during training. The cadets involved are understood to be in the same all-male platoon and no instructors were involved. 


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