Sajid Javid blasts moaning Shamima Begum’s plea to come home and tells her ‘you and your death cult hate our country’


SAJID Javid has blasted moaning Shamima Begum for insisting she was “just a housewife” and deserved to come home to be looked after by the NHS.

The Home Secretary there would be punishment for anyone who supported the terror regime after the 19-year-old Isis bride said yesterday she didn’t commit any crimes in Syria.

Sajid Javid said that anyone who support terror will face consequences

She told Sky News yesterday: “When I went to Syria I was just a housewife for the entire four years. I never did anything dangerous.

“I never made propaganda. I never encouraged people to come to Syria.”

But Mr Javid warned her today in the House of Commons: “If you back terror, there must be consequences.”

He said: “Whatever role they took, they all supported a terrorist organisation and in doing so they showed they hate our country and the values they stand for.
“This is a death cult, which has enslaved and raped thousands of yazidi girls.

“They celebrate attacks on our shores, including the tragic Manchester bombing which targetted young girls.”

And he repeated comments that he would do all he could to stop her from being allowed to return to this country if she was proven to still be a threat.

But she still has the right to try to come back here, as she’s a British citizen, he said.

The Home Secretary said he did have the power to remove her passport or strip her of her British citizenship should she have dual nationality as is thought.

The Sun revealed last week Shamima is thought to have Bangladeshi heritage.

I don’t regret it because it’s changed me as a person. It’s made me stronger, tougher, you know.

ISIS Bride Shamima Begum

100 people have been stripped of their citizenship, he stressed.

Tory MP Julian Lewis called for the law on treason to be restored to include Isis fighters and brides.

Mr Javid did not rule out the possibility, telling MPs “I think it’s worth looking at carefully.”

He added: “This is a complex situation and we should always be looking to see what tools we have at our disposal to make sure that groups which support terrorism are brought to justice.”


Shamima Begum smiled as she was interviewed about her time in Syria
Sky News
While another woman holds her newborn son in the refugee camp, Shamima Begun talks to Sky News about her
Sky News
CCTV picture of Kadiza Sultana, 16 (left), Shamima Begum,15 (centre), and Amira Abase (right) at Gatwick airport
CCTV picture of Kadiza Sultana, 16 (left), Shamima Begum,15 (centre), and Amira Abase (right) at Gatwick airport
AP:Associated Press
Shamima Begum
Shamima Begum says she wants to return to the UK after fleeing to Syria in 2015
PA:Press Association

Last week Shamima, who fled to Syria as a 15-year-old schoolgirl in 2015, caused uproar when she demanded to be let back into Britain to have her third child.

She’s since given birth to a baby boy in a refugee camp in Syria and claims she “can’t stay in this camp forever”.

But experts are divided on whether she should be allowed to return.

International law says British citizens have a right to come back to the UK.

But if people are deemed a serious threat to the country the Government can strip them of it – but only if they have another nationality.

The Home Secretary also has the power to prevent people from heading to specific areas, or prosecute people who have been there and come back.

Around 900 Isis fighters from Britain are said to have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq, and around 400 have tried to return back to the UK.

100 of them had orders slapped on them by ministers or their citizenship stripped off them.


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