Russian bombshell UFC fighter says she turns blind eye to deluge of naked pics from sex pervs


SEXY Russian UFC star Alexandra Albu keeps getting sent naked photos by perverts – but will not avoid checking her emails as she likes to keep in touch with her fans.

The bombshell receives lots of naked body parts in her inbox which she still checks herself.

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Albu says it is important for her to stay in touch with regular fans seeking her advice and attention.

But Albu has hit out at the pervs who send her disgusting messages, along with “vulgar” naked photographs.

She said: “The most trashy photo that was sent to me in direct? I’m afraid to even speak. They sent me naked pictures [of naked body parts]. A lot of vulgar photographs.”

Albu, known as Stitch, says she does her best “not to pay attention” to the pervs.

The Russian, 29, generally responds to women fans who want to lose weight.

She is keen on sharing her tips with devoted fans.

She pointed out that having a celebrity status online, she could have long employed a professional to manage her social media accounts, but she prefers to do it herself.

Albu has about 60,000 followers on social media.

She said: “If I want to, I will sign the photo if not, then leave them without a signature. I have freedom in this regard.”

Albu’s next fight in the Octagon is in Singapore on October 26 against Thailand’s Konklak Suphisara.

She made her UFC debut in 2015, defeating Izabela Badurek with a guillotine choke at UFC Fight Night 64.

This will see Albu fight twice in a calendar year for the first time in her professional career.

Albu is trying to bounce back after losing her last bout in February against Emily Whitmire in just 61 seconds.

This was her first ever pro defeat.

UFC Fight Night 162 will be headlined by a welterweight clash between Ben Askren and Demian Maia.


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