Russia warns ‘catastrophic consequences’ in US-Iran row – ’Single match starts a fire’


Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov accused the US of being behind the rising troubles involving Iran and claimed conflict could soon become inevitable. According to Newsweek, Mr Larov launched a staunch defence of Russia’s relationship with Iran and Israel as having an “intrinsic value”. He said: “The escalating tension in the region we are witnessing today is the direct result of Washington and some of its allies raising the stakes in their anti-Iranian policy.

“The US is flexing its muscles by seeking to discredit Tehran and blame all the sins on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“This creates a dangerous situation: a single match can start a fire.

“The responsibility for the possible catastrophic consequences will rest with the United States.”

Tensions between the US and Iran have escalated in recent months after Washington pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal.

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Tehran responded by admitting its stores of uranium had breached the levels required in the pact.

Since, the US has threatened to place crippling sanctions on Iran and its allies.

Military presence in the Middle East has also been bolstered at the request of the Pentagon.

Mr Larov’s comments come as Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Zarif said “no one would be safe” if conflict broke out in the region.

He claimed the region was “ready to explode”.

US President Donald Trump instructed his Cabinet on Tuesday that Washington does not want regime change in Iran.

He did, however, admit that the US does want the country “out of Yemen”.

Following the President’s line, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo claimed that for the first time Iranian officials “are ready to negotiate on their missile programme”.


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