Royal Travel: Prince Charles causes shock with ‘uncomfortable’ remark about wives in India


Prince Charles caused shock with a particular comment about marriage during an exotic royal excursion. The Queen’s son, the Prince of Wales, left reporters feeling very “uncomfortable” with a joke quip which mixed religion with a remark about his spouse. It came as he voyaged on a royal excursion, prior to his wedding to Princess Diana. Prince William’s father had, according to royal biographer Kitty Kelley, left his girlfriend “in tears” as he left for the lengthy trip away.

Yet without a spouse he may have felt he was free to say as he pleased on his relationship situation.

According to Kitty, in her new book The Royals, she wrote: “Reporters followed Charles on his visit to the Taj Mahal and asked what he thought about the great monument to passion built by a Mogul emperor in memory of his wife.

“‘A marvellous idea,’ said Charles: ‘to build something so wonderful to someone one loved so very much.’

“An Indian reporter asked about the Prince’s own projects for a wife, and Charles left him breathless with his odd response.

“‘I’m encouraged by the fact that if I were to become a Muslim, he said ‘I could have lots of wives’.”

The off the cuff remark would no doubt have come a s huge shock to some, particularly given the official nature of the situation.

She added: “The British reporters glanced at one another uncomfortably, wondering if the Prince was joking.”

The author told how Prince Charles’ words were widely ignored by the British press.

Instead, she said how it was deemed to be a huge success.

Meanwhile, recent revelations about the prince have suggested he is rather particular when it comes to what he takes when travelling overseas. His former chef has also revealed one of the unusual requests he often made.

Carolyn Robb, the youngest and first female chef who served Prince Charles and Princess Diana, worked in the royal household for 11 years between 1989 and 2000.

She explained to the MailOnline about Prince Charles’ request to have his homegrown food from the UK with him even when he was abroad.

“He liked to have his own food with him,” she explained, meaning “piles and piles of cool-boxes” were taken around the world.

While is seems to be a strange request, it was to avoid falling ill during a full itinerary.

She explained. “He couldn’t risk going down with a bad stomach when he was so busy.”


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