Royal rift: Meghan and Harry formalise split from Kate and William in 'final death knell'


    Prince William and Prince Harry have sounded the “final death knell” on one aspect of their relationship, royal commentator Camilla Tominey has claimed. The brothers will now divide the future proceeds of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, a fundraiser for charities set up in their mother’s name. Speaking to ITV’s This Morning, Ms Tominey gave insight into the “symbolic” meaning of the split between the siblings and their wives, Kate and Meghan.

    She said: “In a way as far as the charitable collaborations are concerned, the final death knell sounded on the relationship in the winding up of both of their contributions to the Diana Foundation.

    “So the brothers previously used that as a kind of joint initiative in order to raise funds for their own charitable endeavours.

    “Now they’ve said that they’re going to siphon the funds off separately.

    “This is actually quite symbolic.”

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    Ms Tominey added: “The idea that those Diana-related funds are now going in two different directions.

    “We don’t really know whether brothers have particularly been in touch.”

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently living in Los Angeles after they finished their final engagement as senior royals at the end of March.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left London as the lockdown was being implemented to isolate in their Norfolk home with their children.

    Speaking after Meghan and Harry stepped back as ‘senior royals’, Ms Mills said: “When Meghan joined, it was this sense of ‘oh this is the new fab four’.

    “There was a real sense of excitement.

    “But I think you’ve seen over the last year, that these are two brothers who are going down different paths.

    “With Meghan, she was a woman who already had built up her own brand, built up her own image.

    “That’s why I think you’ve now got, with Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, is that they know they have this enormous international clout and they want to use that.”


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