Royal Family crisis averted as Queen's actions cement monarchy and dodge royal disaster


    Royal Financier expert and author David McClure argued the Royal Family has taken steps to secure its future in society. During an interview with, Mr McClure said the Royal Family’s popularity is tied to Queen Elizabeth II and she has taken steps through her reign to secure it. Mr McClure’s upcoming book, The Queen’s True Worth, is also set to be realeased in September and will dive into the depths of the monarchy’s finances and the impact it had on the Royal Family at the time.

    He also added, in comparison to other institutions, the Royal Family has remained consistent over the years, in the eyes of the public.

    Mr McClure said: “I think one of the interesting features of the Royal Family is its enduring appeal.

    “You would think after 70 years on the throne the Queen’s popularity might have declined.

    “But the interest and popularity of the monarchy seem to be very great.

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    “If you look at all the polling evidence, I know 2/3 of the population normally support the monarchy.

    “The standing of the Queen has rarely been higher.”

    “It is quite interesting that the Royal Family’s popularity hasn’t declined.”

    Mr McClure went into greater detail on how the Queen has secured the future of the monarchy during her reign.

    He said: “The other factor that should be borne in mind is that although the monarchy looks as if it is unchanging, it does imperceptibly change.

    “It is a bit like one of those Marmite jars.

    “You think it has always been the same since the last 50-60 years.

    “But if you look closely, the size of the jar has changed a bit, the lettering has changed and even the ingredients have changed a bit.

    “In the same way, over the Queen’s reign little by little things have changed.”


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