Residents’ wheelie bins to be confiscated for SIX MONTHS if they put ‘wrong’ rubbish inside


HOUSEHOLDS have had their recycling bins confiscated by their council after they put the wrong rubbish in them.

Kirklees Council in Leeds warned residents that bins would be taken away for six months as punishment if they couldn’t follow waste guidelines.


It has been branded “utterly ridiculous” by some of those who live in the area, but others say that “it’s not hard putting rubbish in the correct bin”[/caption]

Since April, “advisers” have accompanied collectors to inspect bins – placing yellow warning stickers on bins that didn’t adhere to the rules.

This comes after repeat offenders keep throwing nappies, food waste, glass and black bin liners into their recycling bins.

The bid to raise recycling rates has come at a cost of £80,000 for the council, but Kirkless hopes eventually save £440,000 once the public know how to recycle properly.

Everything goes in the grey bin now, it’s just not worth the hassle because at least you know with the grey bin it will be emptied.


Jo Bersee-Mills, who lives in the area, told the BBC: “It seems utterly ridiculous, I understand the reason is to try to improve recycling rates, but by confiscating somebody’s bin for six months it will probably make things much worse.

“Everything goes in the grey bin now, it’s just not worth the hassle because at least you know with the grey bin it will be emptied.”

The district’s recycling rate is 27 percent, well below the national average of 45 percent.

Reacting on social media, Debbie Crawford said: “I got a yellow sticker on mine this week due to someone placing a pancake packet in the top of it maybe on their way past.”

Rachel Murray posted: “It would be helpful if the council said what was in there and not allowed when they send letters.”

But Sheila Brogan defended the move, saying: “Stop blaming others, it’s not hard to put rubbish in the correct bin.”

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