Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiplayer: Big update for Red Dead Online and Rockstar


The next Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update can’t come soon enough for a lot of players finding themselves running out of things to do in multiplayer.

The next major expansion for PS4 and Xbox One players have been confirmed for this week and will add a lot of new content for all players.

Fans have shared their own thoughts online about the issues facing the game, which is known to have a healthy amount of players.

“Now the issue is lack of content,” one user writes following the Red Dead Online update announcement.

“There’s isn’t anything to do other than the same 6 mundane & boring activities that’s been there from the start (other than Gun Rush) & that’s being kind because I counted hunting & fishing separate.

“It’s just the same thing over & over & over. I almost think it’s part of the plan because they know people will come back to the game once they add more activities & add houses/farms & businesses.

“But I feel like they are holding out because the people that have been playing the whole time & saving cash will be able to buy a starter home & business & people coming back will want to catch up with the others so they will pay for gold, just so they can be on an even playing field. I legit think it’s part of their marketing plan.”

It won’t be seen as the most positive feedback but should prove useful to the development team trying to shape the new multiplayer experience.

Rockstar Games is following a similar development pattern they took with GTA Online, layering new content and activities over months and years.

And the start of that is being promised for February 26, for Red Dead Online.

Rockstar has revealed that new weapons, cosmetic items, events and Showdown Modes will be going live before the end of March.

New fishing features are also being added, while a number of gameplay improvements and features are also being worked on.

A new Fool’s Gold Free Roam Event, where players will compete to control a protective suit of Golden Armor, is one of the main highlights.

Players will have to fight to take down the armour wearer to earn points and claim it as their own, then turn the tables and earn points for kills while wearing the armour.

Something fans have also noticed is that Rockstar Games are holding back on some secret stuff they haven’t announced.

A line in the latest Red Dead 2 statement reads: “Also starting on Tuesday, February 26 lookout for new content and special promotions weekly.”

It certainly sounds like Rockstar is teasing extra content which could be revealed later this week.

Rockstar may also be hoping to drip feed some of this new stuff over the coming weeks, like they do in GTA Online.

That means we could be getting a range of new vehicle options, or perhaps something a little different.

If Rockstar does as they have in the past, next week will see an update go live, followed by new content going live weekly after that.

It means March could be littered with new items being added to the game on PS4 and Xbox One.

Fans have been told that new clothing to buy and emotes to unlock is on the way, as well as new Daily Challenges that will help keep players busy.

Other confirmed updates include new story missions being added to the game, which are sorely needed.

Rockstar is known for their large Online expansions, so it’s very hard to tell just how much could be coming next to PS4 and Xbox One.

Dropping new story content each week could prove a masterstroke, but it all remains a big question mark until the next Red Dead Online update goes live.


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