Reality star claims she had sex with a ghost and said she ‘felt things she can’t explain’


A REALITY star has claimed she had sex with a ghost and “felt things she can’t explain”.

Billie Lee, who appears in TV show Vanderpump Rules, revealed how she woke up to find it “f*****g me”.

Billie Lee has claimed she has had sex with a ghost
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The 34-year-old waitress at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR spoke about her paranormal sexual experience at a Victorian house in Indiana, United States on Roz Drezfalez’s Ghosted! podcast.

Billie said: “I fell asleep on the couch, and I woke up to… and I think it was weird because it was kinda in my dream, but I woke up to a ghost f*****g me, and I had a wet dream.”

The transgender actress – who admitted she had smoked cannabis the same night – revealed the sex continued when she woke up.

“It was so real and even when I woke up it was continuing,“ she explained.

The actress stars in TV show Vanderpump Rules

“So, it was like this in and out of sleep but like it was this energy and I knew it was a ghost.

“I couldn’t like, see him. But the energy, the vibration of a ghost was yeah, f***ing me.

“It was so weird.”

Billie continued: “I remember it was the next day, I told my friends, like, ‘Was there something in our weed that we smoked?’

Bille said she woke up to something “f*****g me’ in a Victorian house
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“And they are like, ‘No.’ [I said] ‘I think the ghost that’s been in this place f***ed me last night.’ And they’re like, ‘Okay, what!?!’”

Billie – who was born a boy – added that she often has wet dreams, but this occasion felt different.

The transgender actress said she hadn’t transitioned at the time of the encounter
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“It was different than any other wet dream because I could not see this person,” she explained, confirming that she hadn’t transitioned when the encounter took place.

“This person was a ghost, it was an energy. I felt the touch on my body, I felt the penetration, I felt things I couldn’t explain.

“It was really weird, and like creepy and I felt like I was being seduced by the ghost. But I liked it — it felt good.”

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