Racist stickers bearing sick slogans like ‘beware Muslim rape gangs’ and ‘mass immigration is white genocide’ plastered on homes sparking police investigation


RACIST stickers plastered on homes bearing sick slogans like “mass immigration is white genocide” are being investigated, it emerged yesterday.

They appeared on Thursday in St Ives, Cambs, and were quickly reported to police by shocked residents.

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A sick racist slogan was posted on the entrance to a block of flats in St Ives, Cambs on Thursday[/caption]

Dad-of-two David Kirby, 42, who lives in a block of flats where stickers were posted, said: “It was just so disappointing.

“We’re a small town and I’ve never had anything like this come up before.”

One of the hate-filled messages reads: “Second-generation? Third? Fourth? You have to go back.”

And another features a series of images with the repeated slogan that “diversity” means: “no white countries, no white cities, no white neighbourhoods, no white people”.


A woman also claimed to have found similar stickers on lampposts near a local school which read: “Say no to Muslim rape gangs”, “beware of anti-white rape gangs” and “beware of what is coming.

Mr Kirby, who works in healthcare, took the stickers down before reporting them to police.

He wrote online: “Just come home to find these stickers plastered over the door to my flats.

“This is not good.
“For anyone confused these are anti-immigrant/ethnic minority propaganda.

“The people responsible are an ‘underground’ hate group who seek a whites only population.

“They are also dumb as rocks – second, third and fourth generation immigrants were born in the UK so not sure where they should ‘go back’ to.”

Mr Kirby added: “This is not ‘free speech’, it’s incitement of ethnic and racial hatred.

“Ironically it’s not like St Ives is particularly diverse in the first place.”

A Cambridgeshire police spokeswoman said yesterday: “This morning we received reports of offensive stickers in St Audrey Lane, St Ives.

“An investigation is ongoing.”

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Another warped slogan that appeared at the block of flats in St Ives[/caption]

BPM Media

Police are investigating the spate of hate-filled messages[/caption]

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