R Kelly rejects sex abuse charges in emotional TV interview


In his first interview since being charged with sexually abusing four people, including three underage girls, R. Kelly says he “didn’t do this stuff” and he’s fighting for his life.

The R&B singer, out on bail after his February 22 arrest in Chicago, gave the interview to Gayle King of “CBS This Morning,” with excerpts airing on Tuesday night. More of the interview will air on Wednesday and Thursday on “CBS This Morning.”

In an excerpt, Kelly tells King that rumours of him having sex with and abusing underage girls are, “Not true.

“Whether they’re old rumours, new rumours, future rumours, not true,” Kelly said.

When King asked Kelly if he has held women against their will, he replied “That’s stupid!”

CBS News National Correspondent Jericka Duncan said on “CBS Evening News” on Tuesday the entire interview was about an hour and 20 minutes long.

“Use your common sense. Forget the blogs, forget how you feel about me,” Kelly said. “Hate me if you want to, love me if you want. But just use your common sense. How stupid would it be for me, with my crazy past and what I’ve been through – oh right now I just think I need to be a monster, and hold girls against their will, chain them up in my basement, and don’t let them eat, and don’t let them out.”


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