PS5 tipped to cost over £450 as ‘leak’ reveals price hike and new PlayStation’s first games


THE PS5 could cost over £400 when it launches in the UK, according to the latest rumours.

An unverified “leak” posted in December but largely dismissed at the time is gaining attention after a number of predictions made in it have been backed up in the months since.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 has just been confirmed, something the ‘leak’ promised four months ago
Guerilla Games

It suggests among other things that a launch is planned for 2020, as we  have heard, with the chance of a reveal in late 2019.

It also claims that the console will cost $499 (£381) in the US at launch.

That indicates a UK price of over £450 once VAT has been factored in, given US prices are always listed without sales tax.

That difference would be the same as the PS4 Pro’s US and UK pricing too — the souped up PS4 costs £349 here but $399  in the USA.

The PS3 struggled when it launched at $499 and £425, with the high price blamed after the success of the $299 / £299 PlayStation 2.

The ‘leaker’ claims to be a “small developer” who has been contracting for a large developer and working on a PS5 launch title, set for release in 2020.

While there is no way of verifying the claims, some of them have turned out to be quite prescient.

Other recent leaks have suggested the DualShock controller may be getting a significant overhaul
Twitter/Ray Sekiro

It contains references to a new wireless PSVR headset with more advanced graphics and eye-tracking, details which have since been backed up by Sony patents.

It also pins Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for release on PS5 — and the existence of the game was only confirmed this past weekend by one of the franchise’s voice actors.

The leak also makes reference to AMD’s 7nm architecture chips which we’re now pretty confident will power the PS5 and Xbox 2.

It also promises that The Last of Us Part Two and Ghost of Tsushima will essentially be cross-generation titles, with PS5 ‘remasters’ coming at launch for both games.

Again, this tallies with everything we’ve seen in the five months since the information was originally posted, as both games are expected for PS4 but all signs indicate that they’re still some way off.

The most outlandish suggestion is that GTA 6 is going to be here for Christmas 2020 — given the massive resources pumped into the 2018 release of Red Dead Redemption 2 by all of Rockstar’s studios, the odds of GTA 6 being ready by then seem quite remote.

The suggestion that a new Gran Turismo is coming is much more believable, but we’re not really sure what to make of the suggestion there will be a 4K PUBG remaster.

The PS5 is tipped to come with a 2TB hard drive at launch, which is the minimum we’d now expect, as well as a built-in ability to upscale 4K games to 8K given the likely emergency of 8K TVs by the time the PS5 gets here.

The information cannot be verified and still needs to be taken with an Olympic-sized swimming pool full of salt — but if more of the unconfirmed details are revealed to be true, the rest will become that much more credible.

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